Uninstall Unused Phone Apps

To have a peaceful mind and more organized life, I decided to declutter. That includes one of the things I don’t leave home without: my phone.

As of June 2016, there are 2.2 million applications we can download on our phones. These apps can generally be classified into 7 typesutilities, entertainment, games, news, productivity, lifestyle, and social networking.

With these numbers, we are left with vast possibilities on what apps to use. We can download so many of these, but do we really need all of them?

It’s best to delete apps that are non-essential, and keep the ones that we actually use. We’re probably better off with having only the things that we really need on our phone.


Check out these links to learn more about how to remove phone apps:

Uninstall apps from an Android phone.
Uninstall apps from an Iphone.

Which app/s can you remove from your phone today? Which app is most essential to you?

Share it in the comments! ❤




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