Magic in Photography

Hi daily warriors!

As a beginner in Photography, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the new information I’m faced with. There are different types of cameras, models, and lenses.

Each one also has settings for certain kinds of pictures you want to have. I’m being very vague about this, because I don’t know enough to point out what ISO, shutter speed and whatnot is required for indoors/outdoors.

I did join an DSLR Photography beginners in Facebook, and it’s quite helpful.

I’m thinking about posting every new learning here as I go along (I probably would since I post random thoughts anyway. Haha!). I hope I could maybe also help those who are beginning their journeys in photography.

For today, I wanted to post this video that REALLY inspired me at this stage. It’s a challenge for pro photographers to use cheap cameras.

I just love the idea that photography is NOT about the equipment you have (although it helps to have the best ones of course), but it’s mostly about how you see the world.. and how you convey a message to others in a creative way.

For this episode, they featured German photographer Carsten Schael

Here’s the full video if you want to see how creative this man is!

As Carsten says,

“Just take it for what it is and just make the most of it. That’s the magic of it.”

Here’s a photo by yours truly:


Do you see the magic in it? I do hope so. Haha!

P.S. Thank you so much to the very awesome blogger idaauclond for suggesting this video series to me! If anyone has tips or anything you want to share with me in this journey, feel free to post it in the comments! ❤


6 thoughts on “Magic in Photography

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