Blogging Tips for Beginners

I have been on WordPress for quite a while, but I never realized what a big world I was missing out on! Only recently have I come to realize that there is such a supportive, talented group of brilliant minds out there. I really wish I knew it so much earlier.

This is why I decided to write about my experience for the past few days where I went from about 10 followers (accumulated in a few months) to 45 followers in less than a week!

First, let’s define what a blog is. A quick Google check shows you this:


Who knew it was a shorter term for web log? I didn’t. If you’re feeling extra diligent today, you can check out this extensive post about the word “blog”.

Second, let me tell you the questions I asked myself through this experience.

1. What is the purpose of my blog? 

I think it’s extremely important to define what your goal is for setting up your blog. Some people use it to promote their business or brand while others use it for personal reasons like a creative outlet. Mine is the latter, but it could be a little bit of both. It could be anything you want, really.

2. Who is my target audience?

This depends on your set goal. Aside from having a place to release my thoughts, my goal for this blog is to spread positive vibes and encouragement to the world. That basically makes everyone the audience. If you have a blog about a particular thing like traveling, you can keep in mind how your posts would be most helpful to those who aspire to travel to different places as well.

3. What am I passionate about?

Some people specifically write about travel, food, fashion, literature, or business. This is actually a tough one for me since I have a broad range of interests. I could be random, so I expect to pretty much write about anything I could think of. When we write about something we feel strongly about, it would not be much of a chore to post on our blog. I personally think it should be fun and liberating.

4. How often should I post?

In blogging, it’s vital that you set a schedule to post. Otherwise, you might neglect your poor blog. It doesn’t have to be every single day. People prefer value over frequency in this case. You can post daily or once or twice a week if you prefer.

At first, I just posted whenever I wanted with the intent of letting out my thoughts to clear my head. I wondered where the likes came from, to be honest. So I decided to explore, and am I ever glad that I did!

Here are some tips that I would have told myself as a beginner on this site:

  • Follow the Daily Post and explore their activities that would make you think outside the box.
  • Hang out at the Community Pool, and check out all the other awesome blogs out there!
  • Take courses at the Blogging University to learn more about blogging fundamentals and customization.
  • Join the Daily Prompts for fresh ideas on what to write about daily.
  • Interact with other amazing bloggers.

These are the actions that I did in the past days, and my blog activity went up so fast (considering there was almost no activity before that).

It’s really not just about the stats, actually.

I was so overwhelmed with all the feedback I received from fellow bloggers out there. I never thought my posts could be appreciated by other people, and I hope that everyone knows how much it means to me that you’ve taken the time to pass by my blog.

In this community, there is a feeling of belonging and comfort that there are other people who could be going through the same things as you or have similar interests. I still have a lot to explore and I’m so excited about it.

So there you have it!

I hope this helps others maximize their blogging experience. Please don’t ever worry about your content. All stories are worth sharing. ❤


86 thoughts on “Blogging Tips for Beginners

  1. Hi. Hello. I just started my new blog, and obviously, I’m having a hard time editing my page, I am new to all these stuff so I hope that you can show me the ropes, and hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it, I read all your recent blogs and I gotta say, you are one hell of a writer, and that really amazes me because, I am an aspiring writer as well, I am not that good but I am learning everyday, and I would really like it if people would share how they think of my writings, or to be able to have an audience and make people appreciate that it’s okay to be weird and different. I hope that we can be friends and learn from each other. Thank you!

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    1. Hi! I would love to! I’ve been to your blog, and your writing is amazing! ❤

      I'm actually just starting out as well. My blog is very dynamic as it changes as I further explore this community.

      I'm sooo glad that you sent a message here because this is exactly why I posted about this topic in the first place. I hoped it helped you in some way.

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      1. It really did. I visited the Community Posts, just like you said, and then, I saw all the comments, and all the links of different blogs, and I also promoted the links of one of my Blogs, and I am really amazed with all the talents out there, just like you, I wish I knew about this long ago, I mean, seriously.

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  2. This is really helpful, I just started to be active on my Blog two days ago, and I can say that the feedback of the people is overwhelming, it feels good to know that there are still people who shares the same interest and passion. I will follow your Blog because I cannot wait to read more of your posts, and I hope you can follow my Blog Page as well, I really need opinions and thoughts about my writings. Thank you!

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  3. Awesome blogging tips,I’m so happy I acquired tips from someone who I know (virtually speaking) rather than the countless tips on Google, there’s nothing wrong with them but the connection is much stronger here in WordPress. Also, not all blogs who didn’t follow certain “blogging rules” from sites such as ProBlogger, have screaming silence in return. Yours is an example and a beautiful one at that. Keep on being extraordinary, colouring out of the lines if you have to, because it’s wonderful.

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    1. Hey awesome! 😛 Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

      To be honest, I’m really new to this whole blogging thing. I don’t even know what the experience would be like outside of WP. I don’t think I will wander far though, there’s a reason this is one of the top, (if not THE largest) blogging sites.

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  4. Great tips! Those questions are the ones I ask frequently to make sure I am on the right track. As a new blogger, I think the biggest thing I have learned is to write as if you were writing to the world, even if you only have 1 person reading. Publish great content, and in time the audience will grow.

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    1. Hi! Welcome to my little corner in the blogosphere. Glad to have you here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find your blog. The link from your comment/Gravatar shows doesn’t exist. Maybe you’ve changed the name of your site? Let me know, so I can check your blog as well. I love exploring other people’s writing.

      Thanks for the feedback, by the way. ❤


        1. Omigosh! I sent you MY WP admin page haha! Try to add /wp-admin/ to your blog’s URL to get to it. Update me when you’ve done the steps. I’ll help you test if it works.


          1. Haha I didn’t notice … I will be heading out and back by 4. I will do this. I updated my name thanks to you. I like ya .. you’re the type of girl that would tell me to wipe the lipstick off my teeth when others don’t. Tnx!

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            1. Yep! You did! Hugs!

              Saw your blog. I’m glad you considered my tip because what you just did is important. When you comment on other people’s blog, they can click on your Gravatar which leads them to your blog.

              Loving the categories on your blog, especially the Book of the Month. I look forward to seeing your blog develop as you explore the blogosphere. ❤


  5. Hi, great post and adding the recommendations is super helpful! I’d still consider myself a new blogger and there’s so much to learn about blogging. Sometimes I get caught up with looking at my stats when really my blog is just meant to be a side project to help me with my writing.

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        1. People are sooo encouraging here, I promise. I’ve made good friends from WP (as far as virtual friendship goes), and it’s been a great experience. You get to connect on a deeper level (probably ’cause the blogs talk about real emotions). It’s also nice to participate in the daily posts, and I think you’re already doing that.

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  6. I’ve just finished Blogging Fundamentals via Blogging U and am amazed how much I’ve learned. I have to say I wish I’d done this earlier, like when I started blogging 8 months ago. Your learnings have reinforced my own, so thanks for the post x

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  7. that’s nice to read such words from you. pretty much of encouragement for the newbies. I’ve recently started course from the blogging univ. and it adds a lot to our blog and on our personal interests like what to blo0g, interacting with others. I think wordpress is doing a better job providing people with stuff for encouragement. finally, in my point of view, it all boils down to how we feel at the end of the day.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback on this, Karthik. If I had more time, I would take all the courses in WordPress. Haha. I hope I can find some time soon to explore the Blogging University. I’m sure I would learn a lot. I was one of the few who had no idea about what to do in WordPress in the beginning, so I wanted to post about it here. 🙂

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    1. Hi Avi. Your blog looks good. It would be nice to learn more about you if you can maybe put some info on the “About” page regarding yourself or what to expect from your blog. Welcome to the blogging community, daily warrior.

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  8. I have been blogging for a few months now but I am definitely still a beginner. I have no idea what I’m doing or how to make my blog better, I just know that I love what I write about. Thank you for sharing this post, it is very helpful!

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    1. Hi. I think part of the fun is in the exploration of the blogosphere. I’m glad that you stumbled on my little space here. Btw, I tried to check your blog through the link in your comment: and it wasn’t available. 😦


  9. Helpful advice, especially for me; who started their blog about a month ago and am still working out the different kinds of posts I want to find on WordPress. Your advice about doing the Community Pool or Daily Post was helpful and might try that out in the future because before; I didn’t want anything to do with either because my blog was focused on one particular subject.

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    1. It’s good to know that you find my post helpful. I think you can participate in the Community Pool even if your blog is focused on one subject. You can promote your recent posts on the Community Pool thread, so others will see your writing. You can also ask for advice and feedback on your blog as a whole. 🙂


    1. No problem, Ishani. I’m very impressed that you can keep up a blog at your age. I hope that you can apply the tips from this post, so more people will see what an amazing kid you are. Keep writing!

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    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks for going through my blog. I also checked yours out, and you’re definitely going in the right direction with that. As a travel blog, it gets interesting with more photos and it’s good to learn about your experiences.

      I suggest participating in the Community Pool, because you can get a lot of feedback on your posts that way. It also allows you to meet new bloggers or possible followers.

      You can also share your first post here:

      One thing I noticed in your blog, is that you don’t use Tags on your posts yet. They seem to be “Uncategorized” at this time. It might help boost your traffic when you use relevant tags like “Travel” or “Travel Adventures”. I don’t have enough technical knowledge about how tags work, but I believe they do help others see your post when you use the right words.

      Hope this helps. Happy blogging! ❤


      1. Hi Liz, I do type in tags but I can also see that there is a check box which is uncategorized. I think I need to un-tick that box. I’m still trying to work out how the site works as my blog doesn’t quite look the way I want it to. Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for your tips, I’ll definitely start checking out the community pool and the first Friday link 😊

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  10. I really love this. this is really helpful, and I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this and for wanting to help everyone else. You’re awesome ❤ keep it up!!

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  11. I started like this week. And honestly, I was kind of scared when i saw everything. Thank you very much for your encouragement and advice

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    1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I know what you mean. I was so overwhelmed at first, but when you take the time to explore.. It’s really a wonderful world of awesome people. Interact more. You’ll love it! 😉

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