via Daily Prompt: Smoke

Note: It would be best to play the song while reading. 🙂

“Take it off
Take it in
Take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been”

I closed my eyes as the words echoed in my room. I looked at all the clutter. I was sitting on the floor, with countless letters around me.


All the words swirled around in my mind. I could barely make sense of them as they swiftly passed by.

“Give me a chance…”

Why did I fall into those puppy dog eyes he used to look at me?

“You make me feel alive.”

We talked for hours, exchanged letters. He held my hand and reached for my heart.

“You are my driving force.”

I believed it. I held on to his words. I let my guard down.

He was my first love, even if I didn’t know what that meant at the time.

I felt so special… until I saw him giving flowers to my best friend, holding her hand.

And he tells me it’s always been her that he wanted to be with.

Have you ever heard the sound of a heart breaking? I have, and it was my own.

I sighed and opened my eyes.

I got up and gathered all the letters in my arms, placing them into a pile of wood outside.


I guess that’s all they were.

I shook off all my thoughts away and watched all the love letters, slowly fading away into smoke.


This is for anyone who’s ever been lied to, betrayed, or used by the people they care about. I know it could hurt like hell at the time, but know this, it gets better. You learn to be stronger. You learn to cope. You learn to be wise on who to trust.<3


13 thoughts on “Trojans

      1. It’s beautifully written, kind of sad by romantic. I had a crush on my fourth grade teacher. I felt in love with another guy who was not interested in me. I think burning your letters in a visual way of letting go and let the sadness be gone from your mind, acknowledging the fact and move on. You are beautiful and intelligent, I hope a lucky guy will come by anytime.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the care.

      Don’t worry, this was just a piece based from emotions from my very first heartbreak. It was a long time ago, and we all learn from the pain.. don’t we? ❤


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