Love, you are banned.



The moment I saw you,
I knew it was over.

The way you looked at me
Melted the iron bars
Protecting my heart.

Your soul crept in slowly
Sliding through the cracks
Along the walls
I built around me.

But I…

I pushed you back.
I fought. I spat.
I showed you the worst
Waiting for you to leave.

But you didn’t.

Love, you are banned!
You are forbidden to go
Into this small space
Where no one can come in.

You walked on forward
Captured me as I screamed
Let me go! Give it up! 
You smiled and spoke softly

“I’ve always liked easy,
and you’ve always been hard.
Yet for the life of me,
I can never give up.”

And I…

I could not hold up these walls
I cannot fight any longer.
Does love and pain go together?
Is it time to surrender?


The moment I saw you,
I knew it was over.

I REALLY want to brush up on my writing, so I decided to join the daily prompts.
I feel like I need this to get my creativity flowing again. Please let me know what you think, and don’t be afraid to fall in love! 😉 ❤


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