Dream Journal: Ancient Mountains (I)

It was a dark, stormy night. He was in the ocean, swimming for his life. There was no land in sight.

He fought the raging waves, moving forward desperately. He was losing his breath, gasping for air. An old wooden house appeared in the mist. He didn’t have time to think how odd it was for a house to be floating in the middle of nowhere.

As he got nearer, the front door suddenly burst open. In one big swoop of several arms, a gigantic creature resembling an octopus engulfed him.

Darkness. Nothing but darkness.

You were washed ashore, slowly gaining consciousness. You feel your weak body lying over very large rocks. You open your eyes and see the waves crashing to the shore. Where am I? You stand up and look around. There was a huge rock right in front of you, and there are mountains and forests as far as your eyes can see.

Somehow, you just knew. You were transported to 3,000 years ago. How was it even possible?

You squint your eyes to see three women standing at the base of the rock in the distance. They have been waiting for you. You approach them without speaking, and they quietly lead you inside.

Within the walls of the ancient rock, there were divisions of what seemed to be individual rooms. Some people were lying down on beds.

This is their home.

The sound of a television caught your attention. You turned around to see it by the entrance.

What IS this place?

It was tuned in to the local news. A woman’s voice was warning everyone to be careful as the screen flashed with pictures of men with mohican hairstyles. They were causing trouble in all parts of the island. She then looked fearful as she continued to warn the people to avoid two women in particular, The Twins.

Confused, you turned to look at the three women who led you here. It felt like you recognized them from a distant past, your mind filled with faint memories of their faces.

Even if you could not understand it, you knew they were your friends.

And they wanted to get out of this place as much as you did.

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