Vesperteen – Inhale and Hold

I look up to the sky and I see
The light and dust that resonates in me
Like a soul lost in the sea
I just soak in the cosmic debris
I look up to the light above my bed
And feel an aching void in my head
Cause I don’t know who to be
But there’s a glow burning in me
If I could hold a flame to the dark
And illuminate the pain in my heart
Then I may know how to love
And I just hope it’s enough
If I could hold the world inside my lungs
And breath a melody into the sun
Then I would bathe in a chorus anew
And just row in the rivers of youth
I’m letting it go
Surrender to the feeling
With my face on the floor
My feet are on the ceiling

I heard this songĀ in a video editing app (Magisto) on my phone a few days ago.

It’s just so hauntingly deep, and it hasn’t left my mind since.

I just love lyrics that make you think. This is one of those songs you can enjoy, and spend time with a good friend talking about.

It just speaks directly to me.

I believe it’s all about being aware and overwhelmed of your mere existence in this vast universe, not knowing what you can offer to the world… but you try your best anyway.

Share your thoughts :)

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