Do it NOW, not “Later”

We all get that light bulb moment where an idea suddenly strikes you in the middle of nowhere.

“Hey! That’s an awesome idea for a drawing!”
“That’s a great plot for a story I could write!”
“I could collaborate with so and so for this!”

You love the thought. You’re amazed by it.
You think it’s brilliant.

And you tell yourself, “I’ll just save this for later.”

Well, guess what? “Later” never comes.
You live in every single moment of NOW.

Stop stashing idea after idea to the storage box in the back of your head labeled “Will Check Later” because chances are you won’t ever have time for it.

Do it NOW. As soon as you possibly can.

Create a rough sketch.
Take a few minutes to write down a draft.
Send a message to your friend or colleague.

Don’t give procrastination a chance to take a hold of you.

Share your thoughts :)

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