Princess #5

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Responsibility checked his watch for the nth time. He looked out the window. “Where could she be?”

He started training the princess to rule when she turned 18. She could be an eager learner, but she simply wasn’t ready. They still had a lot to discuss.

He wanted to teach her how to lead the people, deal with war, and protect the land. She could be too trusting at times. He noticed that she spends a lot of time with two people these days, Optimism and Anxiety.

He has seen them grow up together, under his care. Although he can tell them what to do, they each had a mind of their own. He can only guide them, just as Wisdom did for him.

“Res!” a stern voice jolted him back to attention. Rage was standing over his desk, glaring at him. “Res, what have you done?!”

“What do you mean?” he responded nonchalantly. “Have you seen Princess?”

That was clearly not the best thing to bring up to Rage. His lips tightened and Res could see his nostrils slightly flaring up.

“I cannot believe you have no idea what’s going on under your nose!” He was breathing heavily as he tried to calm himself down. “Res, they know!”

“What are you talking about?”

“They know about your plans, and they’ve taken Princess.”


“This is all your fault!” Rage slammed his hands on the desk. “I have tried to stay out of your way all this time since you started teaching her. You better fix this!”

Res closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He reached for the phone and started dialing.

Rage became quiet and sat down on the chair opposite his desk. He knew Res would call only one person at a time like this.

Res spoke into the phone. “Hope?”

Up Next: Princess #6

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