Princess #2

Princess #1

Princess walked out of her room into the hallway leading to Responsibility’s chamber. A familiar figure came running towards her, panic stricken.

“Princess! I’m so glad I found you!” Confusion grabbed her right arm and pulled her towards the other direction.

“Wha–? I have—“ Princess looked at him, bewildered.

“There’s no time to explain right now! You have to come quick!” There was something in his facial expression that made her forget everything else. He’s always had that effect on her.

“Con, Responsibility is—“ she was having a hard time keeping up with his steps. He looked left and right as they quickly went through the corridors of the palace.

“Just trust me, okay?” They were already walking past the backyard when someone suddenly hugged princess from behind.

Her eyes opened wide in surprise, but a hand clasped over her mouth before she could say anything else.

“Sleep..” she heard a soft whisper in her ear before passing out.

Up Next: Princess #3

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