Princess #1

Princess woke up to find Drowsiness on her bed. “Can I have a few more minutes of sleep?” They’ve been sharing a bed ever since she can remember.

Drowsiness barely opened her eyes, and mouthed “Whatever.” The princess didn’t even need to ask. She always does that. She wakes up, and asks the same question. She even does it a couple of times. Each and every morning. It just ruins her sleep, so she ends up getting up and leaving the princess alone.

After about an hour, Princess awoke again. Drowsiness was nowhere to be found this time. The princess shifted her body to face the other side of her bed.

Optimism was sitting on their study table smiling at her. “Good morning, my dear princess!”

Princess couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi, Optimism. It’s gonna be a good day today, I think.”

“Yes, of course it will be! I was going through our schedule for the upcoming plans we have. I am feeling great about this!”

Optimism was always, always, always upbeat. She became the self-proclaimed best buddy of Princess when they were children. It can get exhausting with her around, but they’ve always been good friends.

“What about all those things you were supposed to do yesterday?”, someone said as she entered the room, “And the day before? And the weeks and months before that?”

“Anxiety!” Optimism protested. “You know we’ve been behind schedule on some things because of all that’s happened. We’re getting back on track.”

Anxiety rolled her eyes. “Hey, it’s not my fault you guys can’t keep up with all the things we’re supposed to do.”

Princess looked from Optimism to Anxiety. She sat up on her bed and sighed. “Okay, I’m going to be late for my duties. Responsibility is gonna kill me if I don’t show up on time. Both of you need to leave, I’m going to get ready.”

Optimism grinned and gave her a thumbs up as she left. Anxiety was about to protest, but Princess immediately added “We’ll settle this later.”

Up Next: Princess #2

18 thoughts on “Princess #1

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I really appreciate that you read this, it’s one of earlier posts.

      I guess sometimes the door is left wide open for these emotions to come through.

      In your case, keep the optimism that things will turn out okay.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Being quite late to recognize your blog, here I am now, Liz. 🙂
    I liked the concept of this story. It’s pretty unique and relatable at the same time. Will go through the other parts of The Warrior Princess, soon.


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