Dream Journal: River of Faith


December 30, 2011

There was a river that went around a forest like a racetrack.

I was talking to someone.
I forgot who it was, maybe it was even an animal.
I just remember, that we were having an intense conversation by the riverbank.

I don’t know why, but a lot of things depended on the outcome of what we talked about.

Here’s the thing.
He/She/It was going to put something on the river… that would turn its water to poison.
And somehow, it would affect all other water sources everywhere.
The animals, people would all die without water.

And I had two choices.
I will stop it by admitting nothing else can control our actions and its consequences but us.
That would require me to tell that person or thing (even indirectly) that I believe he is all powerful…
…that everything depended on him/her/it.

Or two, (a much harder choice to make really)…
I will believe that no matter how bad something got… there is a POWER higher than anything else… to make it right.
I would let nature take its course, and have faith… that it would turn out for the better.
There are no guarantees to this choice. After all, what if there was none? Then I would have made the biggest mistake.

As you can imagine… I had such a tough time choosing between the two.
I mean, why would I let many people and animals die just because I didn’t want to let someone/something feel in control?
What if they are? What if the events we experience are the result of what we do to ourselves?
What if something horrible can never be undone?

But somehow… for some reason…

I didn’t think I had it… but I kept to my faith.
I was not going to submit to that person/thing that was manipulating me.
I HAD to hope for something more… a greater purpose… a stronger power.
A power that can undo anything… that can make everything alright.

I kept firm. I did not stop the thing/person from spilling the poison unto the river.
It hurt seeing the consequences of my choice.
The poison, spread out through the river… turning its water to black.

I felt the thing/person (could have sworn it was smiling) taunting me before it disappeared.

As the poison spread… I didn’t know what to do.
I felt so helpless! I ran along the river bank… not expecting to find anything….
Why was I too defiant in not letting that thing/person think I actually agree with him/her/it?

I ran and ran and ran… until I was flying. (I always fly in my dreams.)
I was disappointed in everything.. but I had to hope for something.
There was nothing else I could do.

I was circling around the river when I noticed I was actually inside a school campus already.
It was located on top of a hill by the side of the river…

The kids were all running towards the iron bars that separated the building from the outside.

I turned to look, and to my surprise… the river was overflowing with pure water…
People outside were splashing and sliding and  bathing in it.
There were others who rode in small boats passing by, happily observing the scene.

I looked around at everybody’s excited faces.
I hear laughter and giggling…

I closed my eyes… and smiled to myself.
You didn’t win, I thought.

Thank God.

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