Dream Journal: Surrealistic

June 2, 2011


You wake up.
Everything in your room looks the same. But you were in a dream.
You cant move. Your eyes see differently.
Your right eye sees out of a dream. Your left eye sees a darker version of that dream.
Your parents talk to you from downstairs. But they’re not really your parents.
You try your hardest to wake up. Really wake up.
But you cant. You close your eyes.
You pray a short prayer. It usually works.
You open them again and find yourself in the same dream.
Frustrated, you try to pray again. This time it is more heartfelt.
You open your eyes. You’re proud of yourself. You can move.

You walk down the stairs. You stop halfway when you see them.

Your mother was cooking. Your father was walking around.
There was a tall figure of a woman by the stairs.
You realize you were still in a dream. Your right eye sees just silhouettes.
Your left eye just sees where you are… But there was nobody else there.

They all look at you. You smile and act normal.

They cant know you know you’re not in the real world.
“Ma, Pa, can I please sleep again?” You smile sweetly.
“Of course you can. Go ahead.”

Chills run down your spine. You try to walk as calmly as you can back up the stairs.

You see a TV beside your bed. Of course there wasn’t a TV in your real room.
You move the curtains and look out the window.
You hear a voice. “Where are you going?”
You turn around to see who it is. There was another bed by the other side of your room.
A silhouette was lying down.
This was getting creepier by the minute. You just needed to get out of there.

“If you go, I’ll kill them.”

It doesn’t matter, you think to yourself. They’re not real anyway.
You climb out the window.
You were about three stories high. You wonder if you’ll die from the jump.
You wonder if you’ll wake up in real life when you die in this one.
You’re scared of the possibilities but there’s really nothing else you can do.
You jump.
You land safely on your feet.
You remember something. You’re a jumper in your dreams.
You can usually fly from jumping high up to the sky.
You jump as high as you could and fly away…
You look around and see that the houses all looked like mansions.
This wasn’t where you really lived.
The buildings looked like doll houses.
And you had a feeling.
Everyone who lived there looked like your parents.
You fly away… far away from your house.
You wake up again. Everything in your room looks the same.
But you were still in a dream.
You close your eyes, concentrate really hard and open them again.
You do this a couple of times.
It doesn’t work.
You can’t move at all.

When you finally thought it worked… You open your eyes one last time.

A deer the size of a cat stands beside you on your bed.
Great, of course THAT wasn’t real.
When will you ever wake up?
He is annoyed by you. You’ve always been a spoiled brat.
But he had to talk to you. There was news.
“Your father is dead. You have to go.”
You were surprised but indifferent.
After all, it wasn’t your real father. The deer was convincing you to go.
You reluctantly say yes so it would leave.
He was suddenly gone.
You get up to prepare yourself.
Weird background music played. Like the music used in the movie, Coraline.
Your right eye still sees a dream-like version of your room.
Your left eye still sees a darker version of that dream.
You smile to yourself.
Everything was suddenly amusing.
YOU JERKED  AWAKE. Finally awake in reality. 🙂



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