Dream Journal: Family Reunion

photo-1444392061186-9fc38f84f726October 6, 2011

It’s a family reunion.

You are in the car with some of your relatives.
On the way to the ancestral house,
you observe your family members.

Everything seems normal.

When you reach the house,
everyone heads to the backyard.

It’s all adults and children.

The children get bored and soon…
they go inside the house.

For a while you stay and see what the adults are up to.
They stand around the rectangular flower bed in the middle of the yard,
staring down at it.

This creeps you out ’cause there was nothing to see, really.
It was barren.

You decide to check on the kids.

You go inside the house.
No one is downstairs so you go up the stairs.
There they are, surrounded by different toys.

One toy caught your eye.
It is a small rectangular wooden box.

You opened to see what was inside.
It contained nothing but a scroll.

You get excited, take the scroll…
and rush back downstairs to show the others.

The adults were lying down on the ground,
covering the walkway to the backyard.

You nudge one of your sisters to face you.
And she slowly adjusted her body to look at you.
As she did,
you regret you ever went upstairs.

She stared at you with lifeless eyes,
sending a shiver down your spine.

You look at the box,
and somehow know…
it was the reason.

You didn’t know what,
but something terrible will happen if you stay.

You had to do something before they all knew what you hold in your hands.

You run up the stairs,
putting the scroll back in the box…

Not knowing if they’re following you.
Not knowing what this is all about.

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